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Putting homosexual romances as a warning is kind of funny to me idk


Hope people pirate this shit too. Maybe then they'll start replying to forum posts.

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Well that wish was already granted not long after release LOL, not that we mind, it is common. But regardless, what is your question? I stopped checking the forums as much as no other questions pop out after 2020 and most I can only explain as my walkthrough guide on steam, so if it's another how to get a certain achievement. I can only explain as per there. Apologies for our own incompetency however it is what it is. 

If it's about Amplitude bugs or the sort, I can't answer that anymore since the code is rather clunky after renpy has updated over the years and cannot be managed as stated previously in the Steam Announcement page (That one of us should've posted here, but did not). Apologies, and hope you have a pleasant day.


why are you so hateful? they are clearly a team that is working passionately to create projects that have beautiful art and themes. I just don't understand why you'd want to discourage that.

I have a question: is there a way to change the font\its size? I downloaded the demo and liked it quite a bit but the font made the experience very unpleasant to me (I have bad eyesight and even with my glasses it strained my eyes A LOT, I had to pause every 2-3 minutes). I have seen no readability-friendly options in demo, so I'm asking in case there are such in the full game


Hello, Unfortunately we did not implement readability friendly options int he full game either as we haven't explored such options in renpy. We apoligize for this and will consider implementing such options in the future. Thank you

Ah, a pity. Thank you nevertheless! :)

Will it has Goldie and Fox's end in the future update?

The end of Reborn looks like the  end of illusion.It also seem like keyes will never come back(┯_┯)

Hmm porbably not, Lingering I prob won't add future ending only a DLC but that is more of a prequel, to when MH and Xander were the leaders.

Also I think you misinterpret the ending (although technically the story in Lingering is fully up to readers and their interpretation of it). Reborn and Illusion are two different endings. in Illusion Keyes is just that, an illusion. But in Reborn that person is actually Keyes been brought to life, only his memories are wiped ^ ^ hope that somewhat cheers u up a bit

Hey I bought the game on steam and I like it so far but I am not that far yet because I am on Lock his second chapter I think but I keep seeing a guy with white hair with his bangs covering his eyes and I want to know who he is because I saw him kissing Lock his forehead

(sorry for the bad spelling)

Hi. Thank you for buying my game ^ ^

Have you been playing Keyes' chapter alongside Lock's?  Because that CG is pretty far in Lock's, chapter "Check"

If you haven't played Keyes chapters,I suggest you do. It should be pretty explanatory if you have played the "Pratice" chapter and above.  But if you are confused. It's Keyes, he just change his bangs for reasons said later in the game ^ ^

Ah I see thank you for the reply and tips

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Hello! Hope you're having a nice day :) I have 2 questions about the game!

1) Is there a way to view the different versions of the "Final Call"chapter without starting a new game? I know you can view the different endings, but I'd also like to see how they play out in the final chapter and I can only view it from my original ending (darkness). I'd like to be able to see how the chapter plays out in the other endings as well!

2)I've played through the chapters a few times now, but I can't find out how to unlock the "House Call" chapter for Keyes. It's the only chapter I still haven't unlocked :(

Thank you!!! This game is amazing and deserves so much more recognition than it's getting. I had no idea that Renpy was even capable of creating games this complex (I've played a loooot of Renpy games, and this one is miles above the rest) I'll make sure to recommend it to my Visual Novel loving friends!

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Hi, thank you for your kind words regarding Lingering.

Regarding your question they are all interconnected actually. 

1) Yes you can get different version of Final call without starting a new game. There are 3 versions. One where Lock n Keyes are enemies (Darkness), One where they are dating and one where they are just friends, all have a different final CG.

The problem for you is since you didn't unlock House Call, the enemy tag is stuck because the only way to remove that tag is in the House Call chapter or you become boyfriends with Keyes which overrides the enemy tag.

To get the boyfriends tag (without the House Call opened) you have to go back to the chapter where you had a date with Bishop "Date?" chapter in Lock and REJECT the kiss. Then play the "Honesty" chapter in Keyes and Keyes and Lock should date if you have over 50 points with Lock.

2) If you do want to remove the enemy tag to experience the just friends option of "Final Call". Open the "House Call" chapter by replaying the "Talk" chapter, but you have to not have sex with Keyes. As the chapter "Honesty" and "House Call" cannot be played simultaneously so if "Honesty" is available, "House Call" is not.

 To do this is rather tricky, since you have to have less than 50 points during the "Breakdown" chapter, play that to the end then go play the Culprit chapter to the end to open up a different scene with Lock and Keyes, then finally replay the "Talk" chapter. The chapter "House Call" should then be opened.

Pretty long chain, but most choices have a domino effect in Lingering so it is what it is I'm afraid, sorry > <. Good luck!

Unfortunately, even after replaying the 'Date?' and 'Honesty' chapter, I still got the same ending. I'm sure I have over 50 points with Lock too because I'm able to get the R18 scene. Is there some other requirement for them to become boyfriends or is my game broken? ;-;

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did you replay Final call as well? Im not sure what went wrong. Altho opening the sex scene isn't a clear indicate of 50 points. A clear indicate is Locks reaction to Keyes being what he is in the Asylum. If he freaked out he is below 50, if not it is above. If the ending is still stuck in Darkness, try this

sorry if it still doesn't help :')


Is there a recommend way to play the story? Like should we go through a whole case file and the move on to the next or are we supposed to do the first part of the case file for each character then the second part and so on? I hope this made sense so you can help and thank you in advance ♡


I recommend you check the date and time of each case. Every chapter has dates besides them which shows the story's flow. Hope that helps :)

Im stuck at the London and grand oldclock puzzle can you help a dummy out?

The answer for clocks in both the fireplace room or grandfather clock
clock room is 17:54 or 05:54 works too. ^ ^

Got it! thank you!.

Hello! I've bought your game from Steam, and I already like it! I haven't manage to finish the game just yet, but I just want to ask a question since I'm interested on getting the guides that you guys provide, do I need to buy the game on here too?

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don't worry we plan on posting the lingering guides in the discussion board on steam too b as the guides are free. We just want it to be a little less public for now tho so people try to figure things out on their own. But if you want the guide right away you can email me @ and I'd be happy to give them to you

Oh. Okay. Thank you. 😊 I'll try doing it by myself first, I'm starting to get the hang of it, and it has been fun unlocking some the endings. If I ever get stuck then, I'll email you. Thanks again.

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Thank you. Hope we live up to your expectations > <

The game looks lovely, how long does it take to complete one playthrough?

On average about 6-8 hours, depending on which chapters/routes you open up ^ ^

I have a question. Is there a happy ending for gay relationship or not?

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If by happy you mean where they end up together, yes, there's one for both Lock/Keyes and Angel and Doll. There are endings where they happily end up with other people too though

Is it possible to just add a "case file" option in the title screen?

I got my first ending but it's kind of annoying that I can't save in the Case File page and going back to the main menu only let's me load or start a completely new game.

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We're sorry, but we have tried this before, and unfortunately this is not possible due to how the game flow is coded and it will create many in game errors and complications. Enabling save in the case file will also cause the same error. However an autosave file should be available once you reached an ending. And once you have finished an ending, and it jumps back to the character select page, a new option will be available in each characters case file to see endings you have and try to get new ones. Previously crossed out chapters should also be unlocked or replay-able in this mode.

I see, that's a shame but at least you tried. Thanks for explaining, I'm gonna try and unlock all the endings and CGs XD

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Thank you for your understanding and good luck ^ ^. We  do plan on releasing a simple guide for all the endings but that will be released the earliest time around a week from now as we want players to experience the endings without our help for a while. 

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finally  :D congrats to the team ( i'm from indonesia too ) 

thank you for making this type of game ( especially since i am a bi ) and by having same sex couples and heavy dark topic about it , i love it

i always buy games on itch, but are you going to release the game on steam ? just asking :) anyway, congratulations

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Thank you for your comment ^ ^. Yes we plan on releasing on steam too, but we are still waiting for steam's approval on our store page, as it does take a while. If all goes well, we should be available on steam earliest around 24th June 2020 ^ ^

oh i see,  thanks for telling and good luck.

can i ask you some questions again ?

if someone buying this game on itch, then the steam ver is already out and they want to play it on steam too

 so are you going to put the steam key or we should buy the game again on steam ??

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We wouldn't mind giving out steam keys to players who want it and have bought the game prior in, but we will probably only give the steam key if they have e-mailed/messaged us via with appropriate proof of purchase :) 

thanks for the answer

i'm buying the game on itch cuz it's easy to buy it here

but if i ever open my steam account ... maybe i will email you with the proof

anyway, thanks

btw are the team gonna make another games like this in the future ??

are you guys ON twitter ??

This is so damn great, How do I contact you? I want to propose collaboration

hello you can contact us at for any inquiries on Lingering, thank you :)


Lock and Keyes, go well together, and "yes" Lock is cute ; )

Very nice demo, I cant wait to the next update.

Thank you for trying the demo > < we plan to release this year, fingers crossed!!


love the demo!! I cant wait for it to be released.    just a thought if it isn't to late ( unless i missed it) to make it possible to make the text leave slower for the controls for the slow reading crowd?    keep it up!!!  

So sory for the late reply, you can make text slower via the settings and adjust text speed > <


omg this is so damn great! I reaaaally super loved the gameplay and the characters so much. Best of luck for you, creator and all the staff that help you to achieve this game(ideas) to be true.  💋💋

Cant wait for next year  😂

Thank you for your kind words and for trying the demo! We will try our best to get the game done  and released this year, fingers crossed!

I knew I recognized that art style!!

You do?? From where haha

Haha at quick glance I didn't realize you guys are the ones who did Freak-Quency and Amplitude. Same art style, and more action comic looking. 

Yesss we are the one and the same > < haha we change art styles time and time again, despitethe artist are the same people. Thank you for playing our previous games <3

Hello,  unfortunately my pledge didn't go through because of no money ahaha (T^T) so when the full game is released, can I buy it here? :-)

Oh of course no problem! It'll be a while, prob next year but we should have it for sale in here and steam > <


There were only 3 chapters to play, did I do something wrong or is the game still in development? I did enjoy what I played though!

Sorry for the late reply, the game is still in development and this is only a demo of the game. more info here. Thanks for playing our demo! LINK: LINGERING KICKSTARTER


woww se ve hermoso  ;3 soy bastante feliz!!! quiza lleve tiempo pero  estoy segura que uno de los juegos  que  compraré definitivamente serán amplitude y lingering!!!

Aunque me rompió el corazón enterarme de algo.... Muchas gracias por esforzarse tanto y que hermoso solo puedo decir por ahora el estilo de dibujo <3 i love this!!

i love it in all ways,.

The story is charming, the characters are so well designed, the gameplay is cool (the ``searching part´´ i love it so much) the lofi music, everything is so, so good that i`m very excited to see the rest of the game.


Ok. I think I did all the things. 

Opinion is still the same. Loving it~<3

Powerful message, sassy  characters, amazing artwork this game was so well put together you can tell a lot of love has went into this game. If anyone is reading this yet to play this game who also enjoys visual novels you will want to give this game a try!

Thank you for the kind words and videooo!

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This game is so cool I love the concept and art of it. The characters are awesome. Looking forward to the final product 😁

... I ha to write a comment as fast as i could. It's good, it's so good and so fresh.

There more writing to come but i want to play all the routes first and every choices but ... omg. This is so good <333333333

I'm glad you liked the demo. We hope to get the Kickstarter up in April or May. Thanksss

Ok here I am, i finally have enough time to comment.

First, the art is great, so great. I love it and have so many potentials. I was worried at first I'm not going to lie when I saw the characters design for the first time. They were all pasty white and looked straigh out of a  2000 emo concept art but thanksfully your writing is more self-aware than that.

The characters are lovely and in a few seconds, we actually got to connect with them and those bubble help a lot in addition to bring some originality to the visual novel format. I really liked it, and i don't know if, like Freak quency you spend all of the good scene and fluid animation on the demo, even though since Amplitude we can safely say we are long past freak-quency at this point, lmao.

The algorithm also really make me curious, as every choices made in one file affects another and the pov shift do bring a real interest in the characters, and help a lot because if we have favorite, we can experience their inner thoughts vs their exterior impression which is a concept that Visual Novel, despite being the perfect medium for this type of shift, never truly used or really experiment with that so I'm happy about it. Also, the art. Did I mention the art? I love the art style.

But here is for te bad. So... The glitter are lovely and hilarious but not that well done. Same goes for the font inside the bubble, it's only a demo so I know you might come up with something better but it don't look that great and like the satisfying perfect justify of comic dialogue. As for the glitter, they would be prettier outside of the bubble, surronding it. It might be more complicated but i think the effect would be nicer. As for another flaw... it's not a flow. But another subject altogheter:

It's time for nitpicking. The aditionnal sex scene are ... very pretty and very erotic. Well drawn and when I thought about them for a second I realize they were all depiction of one night stand on way of another but the issue is that i don't really connect the dots because of the pink color. Pink is sweet sweet color, whose coding might not fit the scene. Sure, pink does reflect erotism and sensuality, but it's also synonymous with sweetness, care, innocent, joy and mostly love. And if you do use this shading on scene that are about love, this would add the impact greater in my opinion as the colors would say "it's sincere" the way the script or anything else might not. As for color that evoke more the idea of one night stand, emerald green is a pretty good color. It evoked desir, selfishess, greed, craving and satisfaction as well as preciousness, fantasy and beauty but those last three might be a far scretche.

Also, the music is as always great. I don't know how come you just managed to get the right song for the right moment. You said before those songs were free but we could swear that the music were designed for the moment, it's amazing. You're really good at getting a mood right an amplify it.

Well, I don't know if by april or may i will have enough ressources to help the kickstarter but i will share it as much as possible. Good luck and keep on doing you.

You're doing amazing sweetie.

Thank you Maraj for the kind words and support and the criticism! The glitter, yes we're probably going to change/polish that but perhaps not the font because of preference but maybe if we find something better. And I'm glad someone comment on the sex scenes, because I  was so lost lol. well... I can't spoil anything yet, but only one of them is a one night stand. I'll say that much, and will probably try mixing and matching colors that works for mature scenes. Thank you again !

This reminds me a lot of Jagaaan, where their emotions turn them into crazy monsters, it usually infects people who are super depressed. Going to do a playthrough, game looks fantastic! hope to see something like this thats close to BERSERK one day.

Thank you for playing our demo, we never heard of Jagaaan, maybe we'll look into that.  

This game is looking hella good so far! Excited for the full release. 😊 

Also I like hot boys. 👍🏻  


Thanks for the playthrough <3