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One day you're wallowing in self-pity in your apartment, and the next thing you know you're being summoned to a land full of witches trying to kill you, along with your doppelganger's unconscious body lying on the wooden floor.  Can you find your way back home? 

Follow along Palmier as she/he has an identity crisis while exploring a whole new world filled with killer witches, magic, and four lonely twinks begging for your attention!


  • 4 Dateable Characters - Each have their own charms, wits, and baggage... Lots of baggage.

  • Explorable Map - Explore the campus and realize how boring your magic-less world is.

  • Dating MinigameHarass  Seduce 4 different boys by going on dates and bribing them with gifts!

  • Quests - Be a good little errand boy/girl and gain money or favors in return!

  • Crafting System - Craft gifts and potions to make up for all the things your personality lacks.


Your Character

Quill Inkwell

Arshem Nephus

Thane  Verashkova

Lyall Keithan

Many thanks to my patrons that helped made this demo possible:

- Evelyn Corvin



- Jayme Salazar

  If you like what you see here and would consider helping this project along, please check out my Ceylon Entertainment Patreon

Updated 12 days ago
Published 25 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(93 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tagsamare, Boys' Love, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, LGBT, Otome, Romance, Story Rich, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Hi, here I am again.

Because I love this game, I uploaded a video of the game on a video site in China. It has now exceeded 14,000 views. We are all curious to know if the official version will be in different languages?

(we need chineseXD)

thank you,and here is the link if you want to see it ;)


Oh wooow thank you so muuch, even translating the dialogue :cries: I can't believe it!

If I found a translator and it's within my budget I will def get it translated. OMG, seriously, thx 4 this > <

It's so good!Everything is perfect and i can't wait to play the full game


Jesus fucking satan this is the literal best thing I've read/played ever, and if you could see my history you'd want to be further than me then the earth can provide. I love this and want the full game so bad now.


Three words to describe how I feel about this game; LOVE IT SM. The premise of the game is very fun and I love the art style and ambient style of everything. Ok, let's not rush and start slowly. First off, the impressive introduction and amount of plot given to us in the very beginning are quite amazing and so cool. The immediate drama of a wedding being called off, a woman's head being sliced, and a whole-ass battle fantasy sequence popping off like it's SUCH A GOOD START ALREADY?!? Not to mention it hasn't even been the very start yet and we're already thrown into another plot where we have not one - but TWO main characters albeit the other is in a coma but wtv. 

Since I chose the male option of the characters (he was hot so stop), it was pretty cool to see how scrumptious he looked. Matter-of-fact, everyone looks so hawt, pretty, and slay in this entire demo. The extra comic panels of witchery and stuff are so amazing it astounds me how it was even a demo. The entire concept of the fantasy school hasn't been widely discussed yet but it's still a demo so there must be more to it. The whole Ivar and 4 grand witches is a good way of lengthening the plot and duration for us to not only learn more about the world but also start dating one of the 4 dudes. I love their little interactions and various side quests to do like freaking finding a cat. It adds a sense of enjoyment and fun to the serious "find out what's going on" main plot. 

Onto the characters themselves, they aren't widely known in detail yet cuz, duh, still a demo but I kind of get the baseline of their whole personality trope and thing. Fia is the supportive, bad bitch, yet potty-mouthed sister that's just a girl boss. Thane is the chill, cool, and maybe shy vampire dude that's taking a liking to our protagonist's blood which can be a hint to future plot twists. Arshem is our ex-boyfriend, idk how that happened tbh, he's probably an asshole, an A+ student, and a cunning guy which is why I like and hate him because he's just hmm something about his character questions me. Lyall...hmmm, we haven't really talked with him but I sure am loving the character he has going as Ivar's son that was birthed from his sperm donation. Thank god he didn't turn into one of those flower-head people because I know it looks pretty but we would have never seen his puppy face. AND Quill, our supposed bestie who's teased to be a bottom, very quirky, and mischievous. And since he was teased to have a somewhat dark secret about having been the actual one to knock out the original Palmier and also knocking out our human Palmier because idk, probs are revealed in the actual game BUT STILL, I love him and his queerness. 

Overall, I can't wait for the actual game to be released because I am sure as hell playing it. The demo is very cool and achieves the goal of enticing people to play the actual game and serves us nothing but top-tier content that makes us want more later on. SAVE THIS GAME IN YALL'S COLLECTION AND STAN THE PALMIER TWINS!! <33 Oh and this deserves an INFINITY/10


super hyped and appreciate that I can play as a girl!


Deeply surprised and delighted by the amount of gameplay elements planned and visualized in the demo. The game goes far beyond the typical scope of a visual novel and extends the genre into more of a lite rpg.  Enjoyed having side quests, crafting, exploration, etc, and the bgms were very fun. I was also greatly pleased to see different dialogue from background npcs after events occur and time passes. The conversations and explorations uncover a thoughtful amount of world building.

The sprite art is very pretty, and the use of stills of 3d models (much like in many manhwa) for backgrounds is extremely clever. There are some minor spelling and grammatical errors that did not significantly impact my enjoyment of the demo.

All in all, definitely keeping an eye on this project and strongly encourage others to check it out + support the devs!

when is the actual game coming out?


ideally September, realistically probably next year


(1 edit) (+2)

pegging Quill, we need this XD

Just a heads up, I think there is a bug in the code. If you choose the long haired Palmier  plus she/her pronouns and go to church you still get called "the Palmier boy" (or something like that, can't recall the exact phrase) by one of the background extras.

When looking for the cat Lyall says  "mam", should be "ma'am".
In our first encounter with Thane, Quill says: "Thane! How are you my friend?" should be "How are you, my friend?"

Anyway, love your art and if you are looking for beta testers/editors I'd like to help :) There is more stuff to edit, but I don't want to make a giant post.

thx 4 the info about the typos and grammar. they prob still be plentiful since I haven't polished them in the demo haha (I will usually have my editor clean them up in the full game). Also noted I must've missed some of the gender tags still ^ ^

Beta testing will be very much appreciated.Can u tell me ur email or other form on o line contact so I can talk about beta testing? Thx !


Hm, I don't want to post my username in the open. Would you happen to have a discord for beta testers? Then you could post the link and it'd be easier for future beta testers to communicate/join.

Oh sorry, didn't think about that. Hmm my dev email is ceylonent.ind@gmail.com

If u can contact me there I wil then probably connect to you to discord or any other social media of ur choosing.

I don't want to put a public discord link for the game yet as my discord still works as a personal one. I will prob prepare that later.

No need to apologize. 

I’ll contact you when you get it done then :)

I love it!!!!! The story is amazing, I love the characters and, it's so entertaining.

(2 edits)

Hello it's me again, coming to report two bugs 👋

1- If we trigger the "Blood for Thane" quest after lying to Thane during his night event, the item is going to stay in the inventory even upon quest completion.

2- If the vial of blood was crafted wayyy before his night event however, we can give it to Thane but it's not listed as a  "completed quest" in the quests tab at all.

(6 edits)

About the first one, sorry but what do you mean by lying? Though yes, it stays in the inventory as the quest isn't actually completed in the demo. The Completed Quest note is only so the demo players won't waste their time looking for Thane. 

About the second, it's because you gave it right away I didn't have the quest listed in the first place since there was no need for the memo. Sorry if these cause any confusion in the demo, I'll polish those in the full game, thx for the info! ^ ^ 


Also if possible, may I have your email/contact? You seem to have a good eye so I would really be grateful if you want to be a beta tester, but regarding the details, I would like to chat with you in private, thank you > <

I have a Discord account and an email. Should I post them here? Because the comment section is public so I'll have to delete my message afterwards haha 😆

(1 edit)

Right I didnt think about that :'v hmm I will do the reverse then my dev email is ceylonent.ind@gmail.com 

If you can contact me there with either your discord account or just want to keep it limited to email that is fine too ^ ^

Hello! I've sent you an email a few days ago, let me know if you've received it 😄


amazing story I hope it will continue soon.


Thank you so much for making such an amazing and cool visual novel! I really really REALLY enjoyed the DEMO!


found this through you! <3

Hi! Thank you for making the video and glad u had fun ^ ^


Oh I NEED the full game of this. I really wish you all the best, this has so, so much potential. I love the style of the cutscenes, the concept is fantastic, the mechanics are great (learning about things through conversations, finding items in the map world), and the characters are So good. I love Thane and Arshem and NEED to know more about them!!


we can choose pronouns :') 


So....is there no way to not die from Quill? like what am I doing wrong haha


Dont worry, you didnt die. It's still a demo so it is meant to end that way, the continuation will be in the full game ^ ^


I created an account just to comment on this game. JUST PERFECT. So many places to explore, characters that have a complex and fun personality in their way (btw, thane my baby boy<3)

 I fell in love with the introduction, i really felt in an isekai. 

The art-OMG  not even spoken, it is amazing with full of details and with unique traits (I get hypnotized by the prologue, it was very good).

i'm so happy for gender diversity aaaaaaaaaa

The plot is very well constructed and even surprising... (I was very angry at the end and i'm still curious about  "why" quill... anyways) I think I could stay here for hours commenting as this is one of the best games I've ever played but I can't lol. This is a wonderful game. 

(i'm sorry, my writing skill in English is terrible)


I also wanted to ask whether the guys will react and act somehow differently in the story based on which mc(male or female) we choose?)


The boys will react pretty much the same to you boy or girl with only minor dialogue changes.

(1 edit)

It's nice to know that there will be some minor dialogue changes thus the gender of the protagonist won't be just a formality)

(1 edit) (+1)

The game looks very promising! The art is so beautiful)! It's so nice that we can choose a female mc)) Sorry, I want to ask if the game will contain some sexual content? The guys look so hot!


Thank u 4 the kind comment, I dont plan to add sexual content in release. If sales goes well maybe I will add a patch for it.


wonderful game! I love this game and i want to play the official version!!! And  i wonder if I must have to hunt grand witches? Will there be different routes?I think witches are not necessarily evil. This is just a matter of position.thank you!!

I use machine translation English, so if there are grammatical errors, please forgive me!

(1 edit) (+2)

Hi, thank u for commenting and no worries, I still understood your question.

I was actually waiting for someone to ask this because that is the real question, isn't it? Must we hunt them? Ehe, I won't answer that one because I don't want to spoil it yet.

The main story will only branch to 2 results while each character have their own good ending ^ ^

thank u!! i'm happy to hear that!!


Absolutely love the demo!! I picked the male mc and hooo boy he's hot, and all the bois are hot as well~ Love the story, Quill's bitchy attitude, and i kinda found to Arshem tho he's the ex.. Can't wait to see the full release! Also i read on the patreon that you're from Indonesia, makes me really proud as fellow Indonesian!

(4 edits) (+5)

I've made a quick guide for all the Discussion Topics you can find in the demo so far. Feel free to use it for future replays! Let me know if I've missed any, I haven't updated my game yet.

Keep in mind that Fia is at the Side Garden during the first exploration phase, so you shouldnt explore this area unless you've gathered all the topics you can discuss with her. Arshem however, won't spawn until the second exploration phase. You can find him in the Courtyard, leaning against a wall.

-Curse Runes: You automatically learn this one during Dietrich's class.

I- Topics you can learn during the first exploration phase (Ink for Inkwell quest):

• Library :
- Soulmates: Click on the scroll encased in glass to your right, the one in front of the bookcases.
- Vampire Kingdom: Behind the student who's sitting at the table you'll find a tiny bookcase with two scrolls on it. Click on these scrolls to see the world map and learn about the Vampire Kingdom.
- How to make blood pops and mixed blood: Press the "move" button to your right. You'll see a student complaining about the school uniform. Click on the bookshelf that's behind them.

• Mrs Edna's Lab:
- The Blood Moon: Click on the Armillary Sphere.

• Principal's Office:
- Whispering Globe: You learn it after you've touched the globe.

• Courtyard:

- Leeches: Student sitting near the courtyard's entrance.

• Fountain:
- Choir: The two girls walking by the fountain. [Can be discussed with Fia later]

• Archery field:
- Arshem's mother: The three students sitting at the table. [Can be discussed with Arshem later]

• Arena:
- Drakmar Witch: Speak to Diana Sharom and accept to share a few stories with her to learn this topic. [Can be discussed with both Fia and Arshem later]

• Uppergarden:
- Jellyfish: Talk to a student there.

• Shops:
- Inkwell Drama: The two students walking by the bench.

II- Topics you can learn during Thane's night event:

- Choose "Want to share mine" [Unlocks the "Ask Thane" option with Arshem at the Mess Hall]

III- Topics you can learn during the second exploration phase (Missing Cat quest)

• Fountain:
- Dream Eaters: Student going down the stairs.

• Library:
- Not really a discussion topic but if you tell Fia that Quill's looking for the cat aswell, she's going to give you some ingredients to craft cat food.


Hello, Good Morning, I want to ask what the policy is in terms of recording and uploading a demo of the game onto YouTube to be monetized. Please let us know if there are any limits or restrictions we need to take into account. Thank you...

(1 edit) (+2)

hello, I have no restriction so long as you credit my game with my creator name as either Miss Xero or Ceylon Entertainment, and add a link to this demo page if possible. Besides that its fine, so far there has been a demo playthrough of this on Youtube and its fine,as far as monetization goes I believe all the music I used wont get copyright striked either. ^ ^

Also if you leave a link to your video here that be great as I like to use playthroughs to check bugs or any typos I still left.


Thank you so much for replying! I do text commentary so that people can listen to the music and experience the game... I hope that's okay. I will make sure to share it here. Thanks again!

Love the game just finish the Demo when you release the full thing is it going to be free to?

i will probably sell it for 10 USD or so depending on total game length ^ ^


Wow, this looks incredible. I can't wait to try it out on my steamdeck! I'll post back about how well it runs.


omg did you draw this by yourself? And the writing??? You're too talented honestly. The art is stunning af, it's mesmerizing. I can't wait to see where this goes! 

(1 edit) (+5)

Yup I did everything besides the backgrounds and music/sfx ^ ^

Glad you liked it!

That's impressive. I'm glad to see your demo is getting quite a following :)


I just finished the demo now and...wow. I was searching a vn that would interest me and boy, what a surprise! First of all, the world building is great, you gave in the right way all the information to make people understand what kind of world we're in, and it is truly very enchanting! Next is the characters, very different and interesting, and I have the feeling we have not seen everything they can offer! Last but not least, the art is GORGEOUS! I fell in love with the female model, and that's very difficult to see this happening, the comic like scenes during important moments are chef kiss! I appreciated the quest system, too, as it's a good way to take a break from dialogues, so thumbs up!

Just one thing, do you plan to leave the protagonist's name unchangeble? It may be silly, but the fact that I can't use a name chosen by me made me feel a bit less into the story. It's a little thing that would make me happy if it could be possible in the future.  As i said elsewhere, now I have a reason to wait for the passing of months ;)

Anyway, I'll stop talking now, leaving you with a blessing and a very big thanks for this gem. Hope you'll finish it, and that everything will go well for you <3


Helo, thank you for your very kind words ^ ^

Though I have to admit I don't plan on making the name changeable as of yet but who knows I might add the option to down the road 

Update the name is now changeable.


Random question, will there be options in the future to play fem presenting but be able to have different pronouns?

(7 edits)

Hi, so do you mean for example Palmy's female appearance with he/they pronouns? Hmm coding wise I think I can now (thx to help in the comments) but personally, I just have 1 problem with that. Which is where to put the pronoun option without ruining the flow, as I like the current transition from choosing the gender to the main events. And (after testing) putting it before they wake up from the comic prologue is also awkward. So that's just my issue atm, where can I put it neatly.

hello love the game if I hadnt said it before and I dont know anything about coding so def take my idea with a grain of salt

but maybe when are mom first  texts us it can have a pop up for her we can select like

"happy birthday! (son or daughter)"  which will then signify mc pronouns? again have no clue if that can be implemented and if it cant you've done a lot to be inclusive so thankyou~


Hmm that might work actually, my other idea was a bug on our message system that made the player have to put in their info again. We'll see ^ ^ Thanks for the idea!


no problem and just to say it again I and everyone else greatly appreciate all your work to telling your interesting stories and characters <3

Update : It is now possible to do this in the demo

Ahhh, thank you! I missed a few days of logging in and missed your first comment I am so sorry that I got caught up with some things. </3


As far as I can tell this is the first game you've made where you can choose between a female and male protag :) I'm sooo appreciative of that! Your art is beautiful and I'm all in for the story! I can't believe it ended at such a pivotal moment. Now all I have to do is wait until September :') lol

Btw will it be 18+ with NSFW scenes? :eyes:


Hello, thank you for your kind compliments. This is the second game I made where you can choose protags technically, the first being Amplitude, but it is an old old game now lol

As for R18, for the initial release no. I might add a patch/release a version with it, but only if I reach certain download milestones I think. If not then I will leave it as is.

Hiii! um- sorry for bothering you. I'm absolutely interested in your game, but I can't download the files, I keep downloading the PC files in my android phone so I can send it to my laptop when it's fixed, but it always fails when it reaches 845mbs. Is this bcz I'm not downloading it on my phone?😫 How can I fix it :(

I've updated the file so they are more compressed, can you still not download them?


That "ending" made me gasp out loud! I literally had to stop and take a moment to process it lolll

Et tu, Brute? Ahhhhh that was divine, I can't wait for more!!!

The art and worldbuilding are absolutely amazing and all of the characters feel so distinct, especially the MC! I'm so excited to see where the story will go (and whether flirting with everyone in a single play-through will have consequences XD)

Good luck, my dear, and don't forget to take care of yourself! ^-^


Thank you for ur kind words, glad u liked the demo ^v^

Oh there will be consequences for two timing the voys at least if ur bonds are up to a certain point > <


okay i love this !! was not at all prepared for the "ending" but that made everything so much more interesting. excited to see how this will all turn out and i love all the characters so far. the art is also soooo good and the comic effect in the prologue is awesome <33


AAAAAAAAAAAA This game was so good! When will it be finished? I can't wait to play the full version of this game!


Hopefully in september but if not hopefully January 2024 the latest


I was so happy to find this last night! The drawings are MAGNIFICENT and I loved the whole setting of witches and hot men (did I mention these men are gorgeous? This game literally feels like it was made for me...twinks and hot men...). I admit that I ended up enjoying playing with the male mc more because he is also very handsome lol, and the dialogues were hilarious. The game's writing is very nice because it doesn't tire you but manages to give you the necessary information at the same time. Not to mention the whole interactive map system and quests that I found super interesting and well done! I'll even take a look at your other games because your work really enchanted me haha.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this game come to life! I saw that you plan to post a bigger demo eventually, so I'll be looking forward to it as well!



And gawdamn, witches are hot


Hello, opinion and issue(?) report 

Got the game because it didn't leave my mind (I don't usually play if there's just the demo) buut I ended up liking it, the art, the idea (plot) and the characters seem very nice. Did I say that I like the art? 

I can choose my mc, I like the mc, all good. I just have a weird problem that never happened before. The game keeps stopping, especially if I go into the menu. I gotta tap multiple times until it eventually gets me to the saving screen, just to lag again. And badly. Even in game it still keeps refusing to work properly pretty often. Like not being able to skip dialogue and then skipping a line. I did extract the files and everything, so I am not entirely sure of what to do :") I see that it works for the others, but unless it requires a lot to work properly it shall work on my laptop too :") Vns do work on it. Could it be that the program (unity for example, if the case) doesn't work mine? I heard that this can cause problems.

Anyway, thank you for your work. You started a very beautiful project :)


Hi, thank u for trying the demo despite the lags on ur computer. May I know your device specs? That lag may be due to missing graphic drivers or outdated one since I am using the newest version of renpy to make this and I know renpy lags with those graphic cards issues.


Oh, makes sense. not sure if this is what you meant but at system type there's 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor and at processor; Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU  N2840  @ 2.16GHz   2.16 GHz. The other things are the device name, ram (3.88 usable), IDs and pen and touch.

Sorry for the trouble, I will see what I can do about it. Thank you!

I just finished the demo. It really left me hanging. Looking forward to the full game :)


I think the link below maybe the solution, but I'm not sure. It also could be due to your laptop's ram  being on the lower spectrum as I have only tested this game on devices with 8gb ram and above. Still, hope this helps > <

Thank you for playing the demo!!!


Thank you a lot for your help ^^ The free ram might  not be very friendly, I didn't think about it :"))

Thank you too!! :)


I dunno I someone already posted this- but while playing through as FemPalmier- they kept referring to the knocked out one as Fia's brother. When it should be sister, no? Just thought I should let you know!

PS: Love the game- can't wait for more!

Thanks for the info will update this later ^ ^

I just finished doing everything I can, trying to do all the quest and such and I'm in love with this demo, I cannot wait for the full release! 


Hello, I came to report a bug! So, I've read the side quests guide before playing to craft all the necessary items beforehand but when I met Thane in the dorm at night and offered him my blood vial, MC didnt give it to him and the whole conversation was awkward even though I did have the vial in my inventory.

(2 edits) (+1)

Oh, right! I didnt code the Blood Potion in because naturally without the guide, no tester nor I, made it beforehand, so I thought I didnt need to code it in. I will code in a safe guard event then so if peiple have it before hand they can give it to Thane.

Thank you 4 telling me!

Wait...there's a guide? Loved the demo and look forward to seeing how the story your making progresses <3



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