New Year Hello

Hello Everybody, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Just wanna say Happy New Year and Greetings all around. Lingering is still in production and in the works. I apologize for not posting any updates here, all my updates are in the Kickstarter due to reasons and backer prestige, but I decide to post updates here to let you know what has happened.

  • Lingering has now approx 50K words and around halfway in the main story
  • 60 CGs so far (WOW I didn't think it'd get that far)
  • 25 sprites
  • 3 Different Minigames
  • 4 Maps (Clickable area and such)

So, so far, so good it's still on track but of course we'll see what happens this year. That's all and thank you for your patience


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Lookin great!