Hello hello, it's July 2019, and unfortunately I bring bad news this summer.

So long story short, there's a high possibility that we won't be able to release our game in September 9th this year. This is mostly due to a matter of art assets, all of art assets are somewhat interconnected, so if a monster art is late, final render/cg is late, same with backgrounds, when a background is late, cg is postponed. We're also tight in our coloring of cgs, we've finished all the lining for the main story and ending cgs, but some aren't colored yet and most of the R-18 ones aren't lined. It is possible to catch those up in August, but monsters and backgrounds are a bit harder to catch up, hence of course final render of cgs would likely be delayed.

There is then of course coding in all cgs, and final testing with all the cgs to be done, so we will be upfront about it now that there is a high possibility of a delay. This is our fault for not managing the time as well as we should and hitches along the way (corrupt data, and so forth), and we deeply apologize for our mistake but we hope to make it up with a more polished released of the VN.

Another thing to be noted when we first release the game it will probably be without voices, but voices will be added later as a free update. The reason for this is:

1. To make release faster, not to be delayed further

2. To ensure payment to VAs, now as you may remember, our goal for VAs was not reached but we did got offers of VAs willing to work with us, either paid later if the game makes profit (if not, paid in art, or exchange of services) or just want to support the game with the blessing of their voices. All very sweet and I'm forever grateful of our VAs but now, looking at the indie market, us in the developer team, feel like we don't deserve such kindness and rather release the game, then see how it goes financially and let the VAs decide if they will stay or not. If Lingering sales tanks, we also plan to make a Ko-fi or open donations for the remaining VAs, because we genuinely feel bad if we take their kindness for granted. We want to make sure we're worthy of their services and give them the pay that they deserve.

That's basically the tea for this month. We're deeply sorry if this news upsets anyone, and we will keep you updated regarding the need for game release delay or not in August. However we do believe even if there is a delay the game should still be released this year, worst case scenario in December.

Thank you so much for your attention and please accept our deepest apologies.


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