Lingering April Update

It's April! 

Not much to update other than I have written additional 25K words so far and drawn 4 additional CG. Mainly focused on writing and testing, because we have like, 2 story arcs/main chapters and we're done. On towards the 12 endings (yes, 12).  So our story is almost done, we'll se the assets since I do work with people on my own team so hoping for the best, but we'll see.

Anyway, not the most cheerful note, but I wanted to be honest. I'm really tired this month. Writing this is heavy man sometimes, since some are based on true experiences so it ain't always the easiest, but I promised the people who told me about their hard times that I'll put it out there, so yeah.  Here's a sketch of one of our backgrounds for ya'll that Silent Morti made. As usual thanks for your support, patience and all that good stuff..



LINGERING-1.0-pc(DEMO).zip 219 MB
Mar 10, 2018
LINGERING-1.0-mac(DEMO).zip 202 MB
Mar 10, 2018


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