Well, our Kickstarter is finally over! 

We're very grateful and happy with the results. We've reached half of the stretch goals, so unfortunately no VAs but more Animated BGs, Tarot cards and Character cards awaits so Yaaaaaay.

With the current budget we can commission our monster artist, Arya, again, commission Neokirii, and all in all get every help we can get. Updates await of course, progress, CGs, background and all that jazz!! We're setting up a blog so you can follow our progress easier but we'll probably post most sneak peeks on Kickstarter so only backers can see it. To make things easier to summarize, we'll update every 30th of the month. So you can check out July 2018's update later on the 30th of July. 

We plan on getting a beta out every 3 months for backers to try and help find any pesky little bugs. There are other things we need to do such as sending Digital wallpapers and contacting 200 USD and above backers to brief them about the game and their involvement and such, so yeah, you should hear from us by next week.

For now though we like to say, thank you, thank you, thank you, to all backers whom have generously backed our project and thank you the faith you've placed on us! We won't let you down (not intentionally at least) //Smack



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Congrats on the goal reach though

Ah what a shame, I would of loved to audition for it.