Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!

So sorry for the silence in our part, rest assured though, Lingering is still in the works and we have actually released a full-game playable beta to our backers (^ ^)9 !!

Right now we're still waiting on backgrounds from our background artist, but story, most of the CGs and game is playable till the end. We just need to get all the remaining art assets done and final polish! We will update more so when we're closer to release, thank you and we wish you a wonderful new year! Here's a cute little illustration of our characters from one of our more comical endings.


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Congratulations on finishing your game (in beta version) I can't wait for the full version hi hi ^^.  Happy new year to you too! :)



Cheers ^ ^

I just want you to know I've played both of your other games, and love your style. ^^ Ganbate~!

Huwaaa, really? That means a lot, thank youuuu we're trying our best to finish Lingering as fast as we can, and thank you for your continued support ;v;