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Shame that the project is on hiatus, regardless, I want to say that your work is fantastic! Artstyle and presentation is top notch! Something about it gives me Jojo vibes in the best way possible!

I hope to play the full version of this game one day. It will be so nice to play as Peppa trying to seduce all of these hot guys *__*


demo was so gooooood i wanted play full of the game....


The plot and artstyle are really neat wow! Will definitely try it out whenever it comes out!


This is such a great game! I can't wait for the full release <3


as stated in the announcements page, this project is now on hiatus and most likely discontinued. Thank u, and sorry



Why this game was discontinued?


It seems like most files been lost


That's so so sad! It looked so promising to me


This game looks incredible)
Can Peppa actually date Quinn?)

i dont think the download is working can i play on mac?

You should still be able to download it


whoa this demo is god tier


It's incredibly unfortunate that you've lost so many of your files from this game, but this game genuinely seems like it will be a fascinating story to play through, and I hope that one day you'll feel the urge to finish this game!

As a lover of visual novels, I'll happily wait for this one as long as it takes, and even if it doesn't, I'll definitely check out your other works, dev! Thanks for your hard work!


Quinn and Raphael pretty gay

Gameplay não comentado!

i feel that the bios either teasing me or making me annoyed or maybe both. but it looks so promising to play this tho.


you got me hooked with just the characters' bio. this is something i can get behind i fucking love it


This is super cute and really fun! Cant wait for the full release!

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Unfortunately right now this project is on hiatus as I felt dejected after losing my progress due to a computer virus wiping most of my cg and script files but maybe one day I will continue it

ToT he looked soo coooool


looks super good and promising!


haven't played but I'm impressed with the visuals 

When in the itch app and trying to download this, this error comes up: "Cannot read property 'build' of undefined". I hope that helps.

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Hey thanks, can you tell me what computer u have n specs too? I dont think I've ever tried the itch app so I admit I have little experience with it. If from the website can it still run or it has the same error?

Thanks for your help, if you don't have the time to answer my question, I understand :)

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Sure! I hope this helps!
Let me know if I can do/get more?

And as far as I know, the app just installs directly, kind of like Steam does. Instead of having to download a thing, unzip it, install; it does it all and puts it in your program files like (most) any other installation.

And no, the website is fine - download the zip, unzip, and then just click the application/game. It works fine.

Alrighty, thank you so much for your info! I will def take a look see. I think with renpy I have to make a specific build for itch app since after checking things out there is an option to build directly to itch app so I think Imma have to add that build for the itch app to work.

Thanks again!

Oh, no worries! I was just using another machine and figured I'd try the app. But it's not necessarily required or anything! So no worries at all, don't stress about it if it's a whole other thing, either.


Oh, this looks positively darling! I’m so excited to see where development goes from here!


Hope it can get to steam


Beautiful art, engaging dialogue, and a great start to what I believe will be a fantastic game. I look forward to seeing this game come to full fruition.

(+1) version???


I might try but don't get your hopes up I have little to no experience on making an android renpy game

Well....that okey XD....and thanks for answer 😍😘🥰

Ur welcome, thx for trying the demo :3

yess problem...


this rlly reminds me of obey me! i love it 


i absolutely love it!


I'm loving the artstyleeeee. I can't wait

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Wonderful!! Go-Love and Nadiem crack me up so bad!! XD


I was kinda hesitant at first but dang  liking what y'all are doing.


The art style is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to play more! 


Holy cow! The art and design is so interesting.


Uwaaa, its intriguing

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I loved amplitude and lingering and this game sounds really good. I am looking forward for when this is out!