Some sad news

[Regarding Piracy]

We noticed there is a site that shares Amplitude for free. Although we know piracy is inevitable, but this is our first game, and we need the sales if our team has any hope of remaining together as a team. If sales are good, we'll stay together and release a new game (the next project is supposed to be free to play anyway, though there are ads, so really it's beneficial for everyone.).

If sales are inadequate (we don't reach our break even point), we'll probably disband and you won't hear new projects from us.

So please support the game if you can by purchasing the game on steam or Thank You

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That's unfortunate... there'll always be piracy, but it'd be terrible if you guys actually have to disband. 

Do you know Stardew Valley? Apparently, a bunch of people who pirated it loved it so much they felt guilty and actually bought the game themselves — so there are goodness in people. I believe the ones who pirated will step up and donate if they genuinely love your game. Your game looks fantastic, so I don't doubt they do. I'm positive those who can actually buy your game will. I think the majority of the people who pirate are those who "can't buy it yet." Yet. And perhaps they will.

And, like the person said below, perhaps you can gain something from the situation. I apologize for my rudeness. With this, you're able to reach towards an audience who, regrettably, can't buy yet, but maybe will if they think you've put so much love into it. Some, if not most, people pirate not because they don't want to pay, but because they can't. It doesn't support your funds if they can't, either way. But it will perhaps help your funding if the people come back when they are able to or the people who can actually pay will do so out of guilt, goodwill, and/or love.

However, it is still a dreadful issue. Many companies have lost money from pirating itself. Hopefully, you can battle this problem in your future games, and I'm saying this with confidence — you will have future games.

I hope you can forgive those who pirated. Just know it means they loved your game too much.

I made an account just to say this. I don't know if you will read everything I wrote, but... please, forgive us.

I don't think people who can pay would try downloading it for free. At least I'll let you know that not all the people who are doing this have the possibility to pay. Yes, it is indeed sad, it makes me feel even more bad since I did it. I'd pay, I'd even make a donation for your wonderful game, but I can't. I swear I'll do it when I'll have my own money, but for the moment I only have a father who thinks I'm losing my time playing games and who doesn't trust online payment anyway.

Perhaps you should try seeing the bright side this situation has (I apologise if it sounds rude). People like me will come back to pay when they will be able to. If not, I'll say it again: I WILL come back, because I'm planning on making games as well and I know I'll have to go through the same things.

In any case, not only do I think it is fair to support each other as possible future game makers comrades, I also think it is fair to support talented people who make good content like you.

I hope you'll be able to encounter a happy outcome...

Please forgive us.

It's alright, but thank you for your apology means a lot! We understand though, sometimes piracy is invetible. We're just putting the issue out there since our teams are pretty much broke college students anyway hahahaha, but really thanks for the apology and we forgive you. Please help share the word and Amplitude though so we can make more games and stay together as a team, thank you!

That's horrible. I'm so sorry! I loved Freakquency  and so far I'm loving Amplitude. I can tell how much love you put into your projects.  I already bought Amplitude and  told my friends about it. I'm sure we (The fan base) will do whatever we can to support you for your future games. 

Try not to let this get you down too much!


Thank you for your kind words, also if you love freak-quency, our bg artist sakon04 made a comic about freak-quency in lezhin

  Freak-Quency comic