Thoughts on the game?

I would love to hear feedback on the game Amplitude, this is my first commercial game, and though it's far from perfect, I did try my best to make it as good as possible. I have another game that I hope the demo can be released later in February or April maybe, and I'd like some feedback on what you liked in this game, what you didn't like and so on. Thank you!


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The game is really fun and compelling but the main problem is probably the fact that it's so short, especially when the first time reference is the game is "a year, something", this set in the player head that we will get a really long game but it's only two months ... So I don't know if the game really an additionnal month to work or if it's just this phrase that is way too misleading.

But the game is really good, the routes are all very engaging, and the artwork is absolutely gorgeous. The map is awesome, the music is awesome - although this little click whenever we're near a click point is very annoying, just put it whenever we actually click on something. Btw, the music is always so good and fitting in your game. Freak-quency music is probally the only indie game where I let the music play instead of listening it and put my own playlist instead, lmao, same goes for Amplitude. This game is also way more challenging than FQ. At first it took me a little aback but then it really made me want to binge playing it again and again. Great.

If I had some critics to say is that ... On your art maybe. Don't get me wrong, I really like and it's very well put, but after seeing your last character design, something just appears clear : you kinda do your character all the same. Sure, not to the point where the character design is totaly homogenous, actually it so good that after seing a character once, you remember them and can easily distinct them from one another. But it's a bit of a disney effect where you have the impression after sometimes you only have to strip the characters for the differences to disappears too. So you could get better by giving them different body type, complexion and beauty type - give some visible scar or disability. This will not only really stop you from repeating yourself designwise but also bring a wider audience to your game.

Also, you have a game about super power ... This is truly the most suggestion-like of all suggestion since it's really facultatif but ... maybe just add some rpg part would really make it more interesing and add more importance to stats ? Also, bring once again a wider audience cuz ... my god, who would like to battle with a power like drawing or imagination ? You have an awesome possible gameplay right here, like the more comics you read the more attacks, the more crazy design you can make to win or finish a relationship route and it gets you like a muse = a super fighter. Idk, like i say, crazy lot of possibilities here. But it's always a proposition, I'm aware that it will probably a totaly new set of skill for you guys and sometimes you just don't have the means to do so. So it's cool, you guys have already the talent necessary to make very good games and you prove it twice already.

Keep on the good work.


Thank you for the criticism and kind words. About 'a year', that was a bit of troll from me and Giselle, so.. yeah I should stop doing that. Originally it was supposed to be a year or almost so, like FQ, however since we intended the game to be played repeatedly up to 4 times to try all character combinations, we decided to cut the gameplay to only 2 months in game, in case the player get frustrated.

I'll try my best at differentiating the characters in my next game, although Body types are rather difficult for me, I'll at least try to rely less on clothes impact like how I did with FQ and ampli. I'm actually surprised a lot of people liked FQ and Ampli's music, since they're all free music really, you can google them online and download the for free. 

I'm taking a gamble at my next game, by having a more story heavy gameplay, add some GxG, and BXB elements, and no more stat raising, but you can change characters instead, and maybe a little bit of qte and minigames with rewards if you complete them but I'll make a disable button available for more classic Vn players however they won't get to see the additional scenes, so it'll be fair.

I would love all the feed back I can get on my next project too if you have any say in it.

Thank you for your time typing all that :D